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The significant contributions of local Daltonians, such as Major Richard Robert Wright, the first President of Savannah State University, Major League Baseball Player Harry “Suitcase” Simpson, as well as Historian Levi Branham, author of “My Life and Travels,” are evident of the rich and diverse history of the Dalton and Northwest Georgia area. The center’s vast collection offers visitors an in-depth look at history from a local, state, national, and international perspective.

Additionally, there are several rooms of interest including house artifacts and memorabilia specific to significant historical eras such as:

  • Cornelia M. Easley Media Center
  • “Enduring Echoes”-Memory and Honor Room
  • Children’s Learning Center
  • “In Freedom’s Foot Steps” (The tour begins here and goes through the following rooms listed below)
  • From Africa to Slavery Room
  • From Slavery to Civil War Room
  • From the Civil War to Civil Rights Room
  • “I Have a Dream”-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Room
  • The Women’s Community Club/The Garden Club Room
  • God Bless our Home Room
  • Military Room

Our tour guides are native Daltonians that provide personal accounts of life in our community and the nation prior to integration. Currently, tours are scheduled by appointments only.


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Museum Hours

Mondays-Thursday–By appointment only (Please Contact Us to schedule tours)
Friday-10am-4pm(April-May and Sept-Oct Only)
Saturday–Tours by appointment
Sunday– Closed

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